48390219_10156243218882695_4848688872235728896_n-CopyInspired by poetry, music, skies, landscapes and affinity, my art is an expression combining metaphor and colour, seeking to articulate that fleeting moment when observation transforms itself into memory.

Original art and print copies available for sale.

For any art-related queries or abstract/ semi-abstract commissions, please contact me through this website or email metaphoricalart@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and drop me a message.



Feedback and endorsements:

“Il tuo dipinto mi è piaciuto molto. Mi sembra piuttosto originale, non solo la terra è femmina ma la sua intelligenza, la sua testa pensante è quella della donna.” G. Cappellini

“Looking at several of your paintings and the various moods and effects you evoke, the scenes, colours and shapes and how you work with them, I have to say you are very good. I think you must have a sensitivity to the work which makes it seem deceptively simple on one level even as it belies amazing depth and complexity.” B. Meginnis

“Your art is very dramatic! A beautiful explosion of colour.” K. Cardona

“Chaotic and passionate. Stunning and deeply mesmerising. Emotive and captivating.” R. Patient

“Beautiful, mystical and dangerous.” D. Zammit 

“You have a special talent for capturing colours and light.” Y. Tudela

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