Red Umbrella

P_20180826_204117_1 - Copy

Red Umbrella (watercolour 50.6cm x 40.8cm)

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Waiting for rain on the cliffs

P_20180806_010232_1 - Copy

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Epicentre of a dream

P_20180808_225016_LL_1_1 - Copy


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“From a distance”

Painted yesterday, this watercolour impression of a beach at sunset measures 68cm x 24cm unframed. Only three colours used: violet, payne’s grey and yellow ochre.

38071444_10155922069612695_3323074977837613056_n - Copy

From a distance

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Art prints sold

Prints of The Melody of Rain, The Narration of Leaves and Still Waters (charcoal and soft pastel art) now at their new home in the US.


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Colours from Childhood

P_20180624_200423_2 - Copy

As a child, and faced with the absence of a book in my hands,  one of my favourite ways to while away the time was to observe walls and decaying layers of paint. The crumbling walls beneath the paint also offered additional intrigue as regards colours and patterns. Most of the time, the colours were varying shades of grey and yellow. As I started working on this painting, I was also reminded of the beautiful times spent with my grandmother – a truly unique woman who was caring, loving and possessed the ability to view the world with the same wonder of as that of a child. No detail was insignificant for her. One of my earliest memories is that of spending afternoons on the roof with my grandmother, looking at the freesias and the bumblebees.

This painting bears no resemblance to the location. It replicates colours from my memories in the 1980s and brings out the simplicity of life at that time, where people and narrow streets in the heart of the village were an unquestionable part of our identity. When it was still possible to pause and observe, so that, in my case, three decades later, I can conjure colours and people in my mind to paint their memory as a feeling.


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Commissioned artwork: “Reclaiming Jaffa, Palestine”

Spent some blissful hours imagining Jaffa’s colours within the context of historic Palestine. This watercolour painting will be off to its new home in a few days.

P_20180602_213814_1 - Copy

Reclaiming Jaffa (historic Palestine) Ramona – 2018.

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